Client Reviews

 "Nancy works quietly, with a profound knowledge of her business, and a deep caring attitude for those around her.  Her primary concern is her clients: their desires, concerns, interests, personalities and needs. She is in the business to serve others, clearly."

- Susan Schubert

"Having lived in the same town in Southern California for over 50 years, moving to new territory, however exciting, left us a bit uncertain!  Nancy was always available to respond to our myriad questions, to direct us in an honest, forthright manner, and to help us meet deadlines that seemed impossible hurdles.  We are amazed that so much being negotiated by telephone and mail in our absence was processed so smoothly.  Nancy was responsible for uncountable details of scheduling and inspection, all executed with professional dedication.  We suspect that all of her clients feel as though they are Nancy's only clients, as we did.  Individual, personal focus is one of her great attributes."

 - Gerald & Marian Smith

"Nancy was as professional, competent and compassionate as humanly possible.  My family and I are more indebted to Nancy than words can express.  I do not know what Prudential or your team can do to recognize Nancy for her work."

 - Steve Piccianti

"Nancy has the ability to be a professional; to know her business and city well, and aggressively work for the business' side of clients.  However, she also has that special quality to be warm, personal and to learn and understand her client's wishes and needs.  She knows and remembers everyone she deals with and maintains that special relationship long after the house deal closes."

- Richard Stem

"I recommend Nancy Kim to anyone interested in selling or buying a home for the following reasons: Nancy's interest in her clients not just for profit, but also her interest in each client as a person.  She is a Match Maker!  She has an uncanny ability to match people's housing needs with available real estate.  She studies the market and acquaints herself with the needs of the client. She is indefatigable in this task.  She takes you through the buying and/or selling process with such ease.  She creates a ring of friendship with all her clients...a rarity in today's business world."

 - Monty & Art Mittman

"We wanted an agent who would listen to what we wanted instead of selling us what they were listing. She listened carefully, then came up with a list.  Every one of them was exactly what we were looking for.  Nancy has a quiet tenacity.  She is like that constant drop of water that eventually bores a hole right through a rock.  Nancy is always postive and cheery. She doesn't see things as problems but as opportunities. We never had to worry that she was holding back information or telling half-truths to make a sale.  She did better than any other agent we've worked with during our over a dozen moves."

 - Gene & Jackie Fosdick

"Nancy demonstrated that she is a remarkably capable and honest leader.  In hindsight, her advice was not only timely, but also accurate.  We were impressed with her professional demeanor and abilities through the entire transaction and remain so today."

 - Ralph & Lavern Barhard

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