September 2018

My wife and I first met Nancy Kim at an open house in our neighborhood. I noticed that as the listing agent for the property she was the realtor hosting the open house and was extremely knowledgeable about the property; that was refreshing. Nancy had sold a number of properties in our south Eugene area and seemed to be well known and respected by everyone in the area.

When we listed our house Nancy offered some good suggestions for minor updates that gave the house a brighter and fresher look. She was a realtor who actually listened to our input and made herself available at any time to address our concerns.

Nancy is a very conscientious, dedicated professional who will work for and with her clients to ensure they realize maximum value for their property. She may start out as your realtor, but don't be surprised if Nancy ends up  becoming your friend as well.

Fred Freeman


September 2018

To Whom it May Concern, 

It is my great honor to write this letter of recommendation for Nancy Kim. I  have known Nancy for many years as a professional realtor and as a member of our faith community.

In our most recent real estate sale, Nancy guided us every step of the way. She recommended improvements worth making on our property, guided us to reputable contractors, secured an extremely talented photographer, guided us on pricing, target marketing and more. Nancy's 30 years of experience and great reputation were evident every step of the way. People trust and respect Nancy, so they work hard to make her happy and as her client, we benefited.

More important than the staging and marketing of our property however is Nancy's incredible skill at negotiation and closing. My husband and I were eager to accept an offer when she advised us to extend the time to respond to their offer, and to be patient. "I do not think this is their best offer." She secured an offer that was $30,000 higher than we were ready to accept, and it was great fun to watch her in action.

Nancy Kim is a women of great skill and knowledge. She excels at communication and problem solving, is comfortable seeking the opinion of others. She works hard and stays in touch, is patient and diplomatic. Perhaps most important, Nancy is a person of great integrity and decency. She is forthright and insightful, smart and really kind. Finally, Nancy is fun to work with.

I can recommend Nancy Kim to you without hesitation. I am confident you will be as delighted as we have been.

Priscilla Gould


June 2018

Nancy Kim recently served as the real estate agent for the sale of my parents' home in south Eugene when they unexpectedly needed to move to a care facility. Over a five-month period Nancy provided expert advise about necessary repairs and improvements, recruited skilled contractors, and coordinated and monitored their work. She also strategized about the presentation and pricing of the house, met with potential buyers, advised the family regarding offers we received, and managed the many details that led up to successful closing.

Nancy did all of this with kindness and grace. Understanding the situation my family was in, she made the process of selling the family home as easy as possible for us, so that we could focus on our parents' immediate needs. Her knowledge of the local real estate market resulted in a higher final sale price than we had believed possible. 

I would recommend Nancy to anyone looking for a trustworthy real estate agent who has experience, solid instincts, and an intense commitment to her clients.

Ann Sihler


January 2015

Hi Nancy, 

I just wanted to say how touched I was with your very sweet and thoughtful Happy New Year letter. I always enjoy them but this year was especially meaningful. You articulated what I have known about you since we worked together selling my mom's house. Your approach to your real estate business is different from anyone else I know and, I believe, it is the reason for your tremendous success.

That you are motivated by serving others(and by serving God) to your best ability rather than by the amount of money you will make is apparent to anyone that knows you. People feel genuine compassion and caring as you usher them through the challenging real estate process.

I was so grateful when you agreed to tackle the difficult job of selling my mom's house. And I was so impressed with every aspect of how you handled that transaction - even t the point of your gracious invitation to lunch at the Country Club when everything was finished. There couldn't have been a better person to have helped me out during a difficult time for me - thank you.

Jean Stover


November 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Over the years Nancy Kim has been a professional and trusted realtor and most of all, a friend. In each transaction she has found the perfect house or buyer thus creating a seamless and stress-free sale or acquisition. At the same time she was efficiently performing her job we were learning. She is a great teacher! She took time to explain every aspect of what was expected including recommendations for improvements to each of the houses we have sold.

In the same vein, she found the perfect home for my parents when they trasitioned from their home of forty years in California. This was not easy for them but moving into a nice house made all the difference in the world. Mom enjoyed that house for eleven years. When mom decided to downsize, not only did Nancy help sell that house but was there when Mom signed papers for the smaller house, where she lived for the rest of her life. My husband, Chales and I now own the home. Nancy was also instrumental in helping my husband's parents settle in Eugene. Again, she took care of all the details of hleping with their move from California to their new home. After their passing Charles did not hesitate to call Nancy when he needed to sell his parents' home.

My husband and I have total admiration for Nancy Kim. Buying and selling property is a huge responsibility and in each instance she has exceeded all that is required.

Robin Munger


November 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I am honored to have the opportunity to provide a reference letter for Nancy Kim. I have relied on Nancy for several real estate transactions over the past 15 years.

In 2001, Nancy was the listing(not selling)agent for a house I bought. I was so impressed by her prompt and helpful service in that regard that I referred her to colleagues who where moving to Eugene and seeking to buy their first homes.

In 2011, I asked Nancy to by my buyer's agent for a new home. Nancy guided me very carefully to purchase a home that was in excellent shapr for its modest price, avoiding properties that would have been difficult to sell in the future. Her guidance in this matter took time and effort on her part, but she cared about my long-term needs, even though it created more work for her. This purchae became very important this year(2015), when I decided to get more leverage into thistrong real estate market and move into a larger palce. For this transaction, Nancy was both my listing agent for the house I was selling and my buyer's agent for the house i would purchase.

Beacuse I needed the equity from my house to purchase the new place, I had to both sell and purchase with precise timing. Through her listing expertise, I was able to get an excellent price for my former home, $16,000 above the listing price. By profession, I am an economist and am aware of market prices. The listing price she chose was not at all below market, and the actual selling price continues to astonish me. 

And due to her expert negotiation with the sellers of the new place, I was able to get a beautiful home for a very competitive price. In face, the bank appraisal was $10,000 above what I paid for it.

At every step in the way during these 2 complicated transctions this spring, Nancy did what was best for me as the seller and buyer, not what was easiest for her. I treasure both her professional service, and her friendship.

Renee Irvin


November 2015

We worked with Nancy Kim on two seperate real estate transactions in 2015 and were exceedingly pleased with her professionalism, straight forward approach, and personalized service. She expertly guided us through the sale of our existing house, and the purchase of our new one. Nancy is very honest, trustworthy and sincere real estate broker with an abundance of knowledge and experience to draw from. She's also very down to earch and pleasant to do business with.

One of the things we really appreciated in working with Nancy is that she is a very good listener. She interviewed us carefully to fully understand what we perceived to be the strong points of the house we sold so she could incorporate that information into her sales strategy. In the search for and purchase of our new home, Nancy took the time to really understand what we were looking for and didn't waste our time looking at houses that really didn't meet our needs.

If we ever decide to purchase or sell real estate in the future, Nancy will be the first person we call.

Mike Lambert & Beth Smith


To Whom It May Concern:

From our first meeting, Nancy Kim maintained the perfect balance of professionalism, good humor, patience, understanding and diplomacy. She was a true delight to work on a personal level as well, guiding us through the challenging task of selling a home even though we resided outside of the state.

Her presentation of the real estate process was clear and concise. She was able to look at the home and give us an honest appraisal of what needed to be done to maximize the house's potential while also being very thoughtful of our resources.

She provided us with recommendations on who to hire for minor repairs and staging of the house. Since we were out of town, she took the time to contact contractors, get their bids and be there for the repair work appointments. She make sure that everything was done exactly the way it should be done and kept everything on schedule. Once everything was completed, the house looked fantastic.

With her vast Eugene area real estate experience we had a definite advantage when it came time to set a selling price for the current market. We settled on a price that would get the maximum exposure for the home. She also devised a strategy to help us take advantage of the current low inventory so that if we did receive multiple offers we could get the maximum dollar for the house. As it turned out, we had multiple offers and settled well above the asking price.

Nancy was quick to return calls, kept us apprised of each step along the way, made sure that the paper work was in order, the deadlines were met and our closing went smoothly.

Nancy is everything that you look for in a realtor. It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job. We could not have been happier with the service she provided  we highly recommend her.

Pam & Rick Lindquist


I recommend Nancy Kim to anone interested in selling or buying a home for the following reasons:

   - First of all, I trust her implicitly.
   - Her pleasant and up beat personality.
   - Her interest in her clients not just for profit but also her interest in each client as a person.
   - She's a match maker! She has an uncanny ability to match people's housing needs with available real estate.
   - She studies the market and acquaints herself with the needs of the client. She is indefatigable in this task.
   - She takes you through the buying and/or selling process with such ease.
   - She creates a ring of friendship with all her clients...a rarity in today's business world!

It was our good fortune that Nancy Kim was the realtor in the recent sale of our house.


After living in our home for 35 years, we recently took the step to sell and move closer to our daughter's family in Portland. You can imagine how difficult it is to sell the house we had lived in and loved for so many years. Luckily a friend recommended Nancy Kim, a top agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Estate Professionals, and we solicited her help in this move.

Nancy is a very special real estate agent. She quickly becomes your confidant, friend, as well as trusted adviser. She makes herselft available, provides advice and encouragement and never fails you when you ask for further guidance.

Nancy's career in real estate spans over three decaces, and her experience gained during those years certainly helped us when the difficult Portland market caused us delays and frustrations. Nevertheless, Nancy found a buyer for our home and closed in record time.

Don and Carol Olmstead


Nancy Kim did an outstanding job throughout the entire process. I wanted to reiterate in this letter what a terrific job Nancy did and how personally indebted my family is to her. 

Last year my Father, Richard passed away. He and my Mom had been married for 51 years and had lived in Eugene for the past 9 years. They truly loved the beautiful community and the wonderful people. However, without my Father, my Mother, Marie Piccinati, wanted to move back to Southern California to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Beacause my Mother had heard so many positive remarks regarding Nancy Kim, she contacted her over the phone to set up a meeting. Nancy did such a great job during this initial phone conversation , that my Mother, a successful and educted person, decided then and there to have Nancy list the home. During the few months that the home was on the market, Nancy kept in close contact with my Mother answering all of her questions thoroughly, timely and in a way that projected professional confidence.

Shortly proor to the final closing of the home, my Mother unexpectedly joined my Father. I became the executor of the estate. I immediately contacted Nancy. She was obviously saddened by my Mothers passing. But she immediately set about making this part of a bad situation go as smoothly as possible. She coordinated the closing, cleaning and moving of the entire home. Nancy Kim was a professional, competent and compassionate as was humanly possible. My family and I are more indebted to Nancy Kim than words can express.

I do not know what you can do to recongnize Nancy for her work. I would imagine that she would simply react to this as saying that this is her job and she only did what she thought were the right things to do. I do not know what else to say other than "Thank You" and God bless Nancy Kim.

Steven M. Piccinati


To Whom It May Concern:

I have recently been privileged to get to know Nancy Kim in connection with the sale of my parents home in South Eugene. I am the personal representative of my father's estate, and I hired Nancy to handel the listing and sale of the house.

Nancy consistently went the extra mile in working on this. She is able, experienced, tremendously familiar with the area, and very hard-working. She provided a level of personal attention and effort that I'm sure no other realtor would have provided. At least unless the realtor is a family member - and probably not even then.

I recommend Nancy very highly. I would be happy to talk more about it if that would be helpful.

Mike Pierson


May 2000

Dearest Nancy,

Thank you so much for your expert handling of our most recent real estate transaction!

It can be a very daunting process and a very stressful process! You made it very smooth and turned it into a very positive experience.

I will recommend you highly to anyone I know who is even thinking of selling or buying! Thanks again!

Debra Ford


To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing to comment on the professional services recently provided to us by Nancy Kim. By most standards we experienced a difficult sale involving a three party transaction. Nancy Kim handled our part of the transaction very well. Even though the closing deadline rapidly approached, Nancy Kim kept us on track, maintained daily contact with another realtor, kept all parties informed, and she worked to keep our part of the transaction timely. She demostrated that she is a remarkably capable and honest leader. In-hind-sight, her advice was not only timely, but also accurate. We were impressed with her professional demeanor and abilities through the entire transaction and remain so today. We certainly recommend Nancy Kim to our friends, and we will use her services again when the need arises.

Ralph & laVern Barnhard


We are happy to recommend Nancy Kim as a Real Estate Professional. He knowledge of the real estate market, her expertise in helping us prepare our home for sale, and her effort to sell our home were all appreciated. Her diligent work resulte in the sale of our home in a difficult economic climate.

We chose Nancy because we had met her seven years agao at an open house for a house in our neighborhood. She was a gracious and friendly host who made us feel welcome. We appreciated her interest in us even though we were not looking to buy or sell at that time. When the time came for us to sell our home we immediately thought of Nancy Kim and contactd her, knowing we would receive her personal attention.

Roger & Marilyn Sylwester


January 2015

Dear Nancy, 

As the final paperwork to close my mother's estate is signed, sent, and now filed away in boxes, I am reminded of the service you provided when selling my mother's home. This letter is long overdue and you are welcome to provide a copy as a reference to your clients.

Statistics state that selling a home is one of the most stressful experiences you'll go through in your life. Nancy, you made the experience of selling my mother's home as painless as possible. You went way over and beyond of what was expected, and for this I am forever grateful.

The first challenge you had to face was to work with me from afar (Dallas, TX). Before we spoke I assumed I would be required to fly back and forth from Dallas to Eugene several times to complete all of the tasks necessary to prepare the house to be put on the market. With your willingness to take care of these numerous duties for me)on your own time I might add), I was able to work with you from the comfort of my home in Dallas.

It is also important to add how much I appreciated the care and sensitivity you showed in finding the right buyer for my mother's home. Not only did you take care to make sure any potential buyer was secure financially but also a good family for the home and neighborhood. Your compassion and character gave me the confidence that I was in good hands and there was no need to doubt your strategy and recommendations to get the house sold.

Onece again, I want to thank you for all your hard work and professionalism in making the process of selling my mother's home so painless. My only regret is that you don't live in Dallas! We are planning on putting our home on the market next year and would've loved for you to be our realtor.

Holly Kirby


Dear Nancy, 

Debbie and I want to express our thanks to you for the way in which you represented our interests in all of the real estate transactions you have handled for our family members this past year. You managed every matter in an excellent professional manner, while at all times we felt that you were treating us as friends. It goes without saying that I will recommend you as a realtor to anyone who asks, but beyond that Debbie and I wish to thank you for working so hard, even when obstacles presented themselves, to condlude all of our family's real estate transctions.

Joh Halpern Jr.